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Kevin Dombrowski is a member of the Ledyard Town Council where he serves as long-time Chair of the Land Use Committee. In the past, he has served on several Land Use Boards and Commission including Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Economic Development Committee, making his a valuable resource for Land Use issues. He has also served as Town Council representative on the Economic Development Commission. Kevin and his wife have been Ledyard residents since 1998. Electric Boat has employed Kevin for over 30 years.  


Kevin is a huge proponent of re-development of existing commercial areas in Gales Ferry and Ledyard Center. He encourages land-use regulations that allow for better development while maintaining Ledyard's rural character. He supports the need for preserving the quality of necessary services and education.  

Andra Ingalls headshot 3.jpg


Andra Ingalls is a current elected member of the Ledyard Town Council. She serves on the Finance Committee, the Administration Committee, and the Community Relations Committee. Prior town experience includes service on Ledyard’s Board of Education and the Social Services Board. Andra earned a Bachelor of Science in family studies from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Public Administration from Regent University. Currently, she works as a nonprofit administrator. Andra has more than 20 years of experience working with children and families and is a 16+ year homeschool veteran. She has been married to her husband Scott since 1992. Together they have raised their four children, ages 20-25.


Andra believes in small government, stakeholder collaboration, local decision-making and that we work better when we work together toward the well-being of the community we call home.

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Whit Irwin

Whit Irwin moved to Ledyard in 2005, intending to stay for three years, and became a lifelong resident. He married Holly Irwin in 2002, and the couple has three children: Conor (deceased), Gretchen (16), and Charles (less than one year). Having spent more than 27 years in the U. S. Coast Guard, primarily as a rescue helicopter pilot, he is dedicated to public service. He has spent much of his life devoted to learning or educating: earning his Bachelor’s from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1992 and his Master’s from The College of William and Mary in 2004, teaching cadets at the Coast Guard Academy as a member of the Superintendent’s staff, the Commandant of Cadets’ staff, and as an associate professor for a total of five years, serving as adjunct faculty at Connecticut College for another five years, filling in as a substitute teacher in the Ledyard and LEARN systems, and instructing basic and advanced flight techniques for more than eight years. He currently works for Sonalysts, Inc. as an Operations Research Analyst.


In the short time he has served on the BOE, he immediately contributed to understanding the progress of COVID in the community and surrounding areas and how it affected students and the school systems; he drove resolution-centered discussions and made difficult decisions. His behind-the-scenes work has forwarded the Board’s goals and helped to guide public discourse. Whit is committed to ensuring students become personally invested in their education because a strong education is a foundation for a healthy future and a strong community.  

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John Marshall, his wife, Kimlyn and his three children have been Ledyard residents since 2000. Kimlyn was born and raised here and brought her family back to attend the Ledyard school system. John has been a tool designer and draftsman for the first ten years after high school, and a union carpenter for 26 years. In the past, he has served on the finance committee, the administration committee, and was chairman of the community services committee. John also works as a liaison to the Ledyard Emergency services and the Permanent Municipal Building Committee. Johns knowledge of construction has proven beneficial in Ledyard's Building projects, adding insight and cost-saving measures. He volunteers at Ledyard Animal Control and the Gales Ferry Fire Department.  


John is a firm believer in open and honest government, continuous improvement to our schools and senior services, and strong leadership with conservative values. 

Gary Paul headshot 2021.jpg


Gary Paul, 47, is a first-time candidate who grew up and attended Ledyard schools and is married with four children. He currently serves on the Economic Development Commission and the Ledyard Conservation Commission, where he helps run the Hike Ledyard program. Gary has worked for Spicer Plus for 24 years and currently manages Advanced Heating Oil. Gary is passionate about his hometown, whether it's the hiking trails or helping bring business to Ledyard.


Gary believes in fiscal responsibility and transparency in government where listening to our neighbors in our community and open discussion are keys to preserving what makes Ledyard a great place to live but will also help build a stronger community in the future. 



Tim Ryan, along with his wife Amy and twin girls, is a recent transplant to Ledyard in 2019, although he has been a resident of Southeastern CT since 2003 when Tim started his employment at Electric Boat. Tim holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Masters in Engineering Management, and has a history of community/public involvement. Before moving to Ledyard, Tim served on New London’s Charter Review Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, and served as the Vice-Chair for New London’s Republican Town Committee. Last year, Tim was appointed to serve on Ledyard’s Planning & Zoning Commission.


Tim believes in procedural & fiscal transparency for government and strategic and logical methods of budgeting that ensure the primary needs of residents and their families are met balanced against what the town can afford. Tim is also a proponent of regionalization and shared resource approaches where they make sense, working with surrounding communities to share the burden of providing common services in a mutually beneficial way. Additionally, Tim supports efforts to continue making Ledyard more attractive to business while ensuring integration into the fabric of the town, maintaining what has attracted many people – including my family – to move here.  

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