Dear Voter,

This week you may have received a hate letter from the Ledyard DTC with inaccurate information targeting the Ledyard Republicans. Misinformation should not be tolerated as voters should be able to trust the information they receive from all political parties. This letter will rebut their accusations with facts.


Under Republican leadership the school renovation project has dragged on, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of extra dollars, while they repeatedly deflect blame.

Did they pull this accusation out of thin air? The school renovation projects are under budget even with adding in multiple extras like paving from the Middle School to Rt. 214 road at the middle school and fixing the field, post design changes to add extra SPED rooms, an additional playground, and more.  Further, the Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC) oversees these projects, and they act as a non-partisan group. Members are a mixed group of D’s, R’s, and U’s AND they have voted unanimously about 99% of the time. Also note, never has a D volunteered to be Chair or Vice-Chair.

Bonus - the high school roof, Ledyard PD, and the track and field project all were on or under budget. Quite an accomplishment! Nice work, PMBC! 


We have neglected to invest in economic development, specifically mentioning Rt. 12. The lack of economic development increases the tax burden.

Newsflash - we always need more economic development! The DTC accusation of neglect is unfounded and frankly, childish. The Town has twice submitted STEAP Grant applications for streetscape improvements. Though not yet awarded to us, the Town will again submit for this grant in a continued effort to improve Rt 12 corridor through Gales Ferry.  For better or worse, Ledyard does not have an interstate highway bisecting town; we are not physically located to see major commercial growth similar to what exists in the I-95 corridor of SECT or to a lesser extent, the I-395 corridor. Even if we could attract something like a big-box business, our residents generally do not like the idea. We care for businesses and do our part to attract more. This effort has included Vitale Aquatic and Tennis Center, Spicer’s Landscape, Yoko Loko, CVS, Baker’s Dozen, Bestway Gas stations and C-stores, and several others, including a substantial expansion of an existing business in Alumni Wine and Spirits. 


Zoning Regulations are undergoing a comprehensive update to provide clear and concise regulations to help increase commercial growth and to make way for more equitable housing options. The development plan for the former Ledyard Center School includes space for businesses and as many as 300 units of new, high-density housing, which provides equitable housing opportunities for a greater cross-section of residents. Couple this with the proposed sewer main extension project in Ledyard Center and we are at the precipice of the largest project opportunity Ledyard has seen in decades.  


The annual BOE budget increase has been less than the inflation rate for at least 10 years.

Board of Education budgets have been passed UNANIMOUSLY by D and R BoE members then approved by voters! Is the DTC displeased with its own members and voters at large or just Republicans? Let’s stop pointing blame at a political party when the D’s are at the table.


We need enough money to provide a great education while continually making improvements. The BOE has been extremely successful. They tackled capital improvement projects which sat relatively dormant before 2015. This includes renovating LHS bathrooms, classroom renovations, painting halls, cleaning lockers, replacing ceiling tiles, refinished gym flooring, refinished tennis courts, and solar projects are done in partnership with the Town. 


With Republican leadership and bipartisan teamwork, the BoE has


  • Secured more than $1.5 million additional funds through Impact Aid and DoD Education Activity grants

  • Installed a new multi-use sports field at the high school

  • Developed and deployed Ledyard Transition Academy to bring 18-22 year-olds back into the community, in a transitional program. 

  • Added mental health clinicians and other interventions as part of a cost-neutral strategy to help our students continue their education in Ledyard rather than pushing them to taxpayer-supported private special schools. 


Republicans have failed to communicate well with residents and neglected to hold administrators accountable and Republicans have been repeatedly criticized in the press for making racist remarks.

What an incoherent mess of accusations! Your Town Council and Board of Education operate in fully open platforms. All meetings are open to the public and easier than ever to access via Zoom. ClearGov budgeting software is now in use to make public access to the budget more user-friendly than ever. 


Accountability? Any administrator issue is handled by the BoE according to law. Check out the meeting minutes and recordings at or email the entire BoE at for clarification of any school issue on your mind. 


As for being criticized in the press - WHAT A JOKE!  This baseless rant should read, "A few vocal people have plotted to smear Ledyard's reputation and have gotten the press involved." Thank you, DTC, for reminding everyone why trust in the press is at a historic low. This is a pathetic tactic used by the far left in their national playbook. We are not national. We are Ledyard. And fully half the voters in this town are Unaffiliated. Just how stupid does the DTC think they are? Nice try.


Friends, it is more important than ever to VOTE this Tuesday and VOTE ROW B!




Thank you,


John Rodolico, Ledyard RTC Chairman


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The mission of the 40-member Ledyard RTC is to ensure that Republican candidates are elected and appointed to local, state, and federal offices and that the Town of Ledyard has a fair and open government with integrity and accountability.



Our elected officials are here to represent you and the town's best interest. The Board of Education was selected by the community to help make decisions in the best interest of the Ledyard school district, and the Town Council was chosen to represent the best interest of the community.



As a resident, you may ask yourself what you can do to help.  Here is your answer! The Ledyard Republican Town Committee needs YOU to step up with fresh ideas.  We are always looking for volunteers for events around the town and would LOVE to have you join us!




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