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Mike France is Ledyard's State Representative. Mike and his wife Heather have six children and four grandchildren.  Mike is a 20-year Navy veteran and military leader who knows what it means to serve both his country and his community.  He works as a system engineer and is a known problem solver.  


Mike has worked hard to stop installation of highway tolls, reverse Governor Malloy's cuts to state funding for local schools, block efforts to increase income and sales taxes, and establish statewide property tax.  He also voted against the Hartford bailout.  Mike supported the Republican budget that established a spending cap, bonding cap, and other long overdue structural changes.

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Mike France

State Representative​ 42nd District​

Mike's Common Sense Solutions for Connecticut's Future

Spend no more than you make.

Reduce spending to match revenue with no new taxes.  

Borrow only what you can afford to pay back.  

Stop bonding to pay current bills.

The more government tries to do, the less it does well.  

Focus on core functions: Public Safety, Education, and Transportation. 

Mark Adams
Candidate for 
State Representative 139th District

Mark Adams is the Republican party’s endorsed candidate for the 139th District General Assembly seat, which covers portions of Norwich, Montville, and Ledyard.  Mark lives in Norwich with his fiancé and their combined four children. Mark is a lifelong resident of southeastern Connecticut, attending schools in Ledyard and Norwich, graduating from NFA in 1990.

Mark has worked for the State of Connecticut, serving the children and families in this area. He built a career and small business in the health and fitness industry and, most recently, has worked as a supervisor in the field of public safety.  Mark is new to politics but knows the challenges that lie ahead. He is committed to improving our way of life and has outlined a plan of action to make this happen. He knows that there needs to be change and recognizes that that time is now.  Mark plans on being a very active, visible, reachable, and involved state representative.


Mark will fight for you and your family by:

Making our streets and neighborhoods safer

Making Connecticut more affordable

Bringing economic opportunities to SECT

Supporting small businesses

Protecting family rights

Supporting our Police

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