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The Ledyard Republican Town Committee


Principles and Values


  • Encourage small and fiscally responsible government limited to providing services that cannot be reasonably provided by the private sector;


  • Encourage new ideas and varying points of view;


  • Encourage local businesses including agriculture and entrepreneurship;


  • Support excellence in education and exceptional schools;


  • Value individual liberty, dignity, rights, and opportunity;


  • Recognize and respect individual abilities, achievements, and contributions; and


  • Elect and appoint residents to public office, boards, and commissions who share these principles and values.



We value:

The Constitution


The American Dream


We support:

Exceptional schools and sustainable budgets

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and local agriculture

Non-profits and personal responsibility 


We promote:

Small, innovative government that respects the taxpayer

Reduction of regulations to encourage business and community involvement 

Election of citizens to public office who share these principles

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